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4 hours, 3 hours, 2 trains, 1 transfer

How do you pull off a heist at 180 mph? 

Mark, a retired jewel thief, is brought back into the game when his old crime partner,
Andrew, persuades him to intercept a diamond transfer on the high-speed rail lines of
Europe for one final score. But Mark has his concerns: a) the OCD that has been plaguing
him may jeopardize the plans and b) the realization that he may have a son who he has never seen.

His team soon discovers they are not the only ones pursuing the diamonds and find themselves in the middle of a war between the major mob bosses of Europe - one which includes his ex-girlfriend, Michelle, mother of his son. Mark and his crew must find a way to dodge the authorities while keeping themselves alive from the dangerous criminals who are trailing them.

Written by Terry Ray Hall with Adam Bunyard

A FiLM iNK Production

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