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FiLM iNK Productions work on a variety of projects, set across the globe, across different eras. From the idyllic Norwegian mountaintops, to the stretches of vineyards in Italy, Film Ink aims to get the best out of each country - and portray it beautifully on-screen. 

Current projects include The Border Guide, Transfer at Aachen, Verso La Luce, and The Glass Horse.


Our vision is to address the desire of audiences for material which can oftentimes be overlooked; that which inspires, uplifts and educates. So, too, to produce good quality stories, with the highest production values, that can reach wide audiences and their differing demographics internationally.

We aim to be on the cutting edge of major trends, keeping an ear to the ground for the cinemagoer’s changing preferences. By mixing the creative and the innovative with a retrospective glamour of bygone ages, the whole is brought immediately up to date, to satisfy both the demands of the dynamic, younger demographic and the yearning for content of the more mature.

Our aim is to produce an ongoing range of quality films and stage productions inexpensively and with an eye to a high rate of returns. Each project can express itself through the unique blending of its various parts; for example, the featuring of older women in prominent roles or mixing the new singer with the sportsman and often casting seasoned actors in roles they might not otherwise have seen themselves made available for. Yet always with a mind to create the textural layers of the storyline and of the characters portrayed.

We want to make inspirational films because we believe the market is looking for positive role models and, during difficult economic times, those markets want product that enlightens and encourages. There is a growing change in human awareness and audiences are seeking something that reflects that too.


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